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3 Dimensional Good Health program

To achieve Good Health we have designed and launched a Holistic and a Scientific 3 Dimensional Good Health program which is based on 3 Golden Rules of Life called

Eat Right
Exercise Regularly
Periodical Screening.

Our Program does not involve

Artificial Supplements
Crash Diets
Weight Loss Machines

Cardiac Cancer Screening and MRI

We recommend the below plan for individuals above 35years of age , male /female especially for those who are overweight or obese, have high cholesterol levels , diabetes, high blood pressure, physical inactivity, family history and those who engage in smoking or drinking . *Price on request.

Our Approach towards Good Health is Based on 5 A's

AskHealth Orientation Program
Assess106 Parameter tests on Blood & Urine analysis, Body Composition Analysis,Food
AdviseDoctor, Nutritionist & Fitness Experts.
AssistFind A Doctor, Customized Therapeutic Diet plan & Customized Work Out regimen.
ArrangeCurrently On Call: Doctor, Physiotherapist, Nurse & Home delivery of medicines.

Our Door Step Services

If you have to get such an elaborate health-screening done, you need to spend at least half a day at any other diagnostic facility or hospitals.
The best thing about "Apple A Day" is that these tests are conducted in less than 10 minutes at your doorstep by our trained phlebotomists which will save your time and effort.
In 24 hours from the time of sample collection we will send A 12 page report to your email ID
Just fill the Online forms which will include :- Current Medical History, Food Recall, Life Style Assessment, BCA and BMR
We offer you an online Doctor consult based on your screening reports and current medical conditions.
Our Nutrition experts will offer you customized meal plan to help you eat right.
Our team of fitness experts will offer you fitness review and work out plans suitable for your body type, body compositions and underlying medical conditions.
You do not have to come 4–5 times and wait for long hours to meet your health care professionals.

Currently there is no other Health care company providing Screening, Nutrition and Fitness together as a Good Health Program. However if one has to buy these programs individually from different health care partners the pricing would be around.


An elaborate 108 parameter screening, with doctor consultation will cost a minimum of 5 to 7k at any top end diagnostic or hospitals per person.


A complete nutrition program by a qualified nutritionist will cost not less than 10 to 15k per person.


A personal trainer would charge nothing less then 7 to 10k per month, apart from the membership fee of the Gym which could be around 15 to 30 k per year.

Apple a Day provides complete Good Health solutions involving :


at an unbeatable price of Rs 4998/- per program, per person, per year.

The roadmap to "GOOD HEALTH"

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