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Why is it important to eat right?

Did you know that Good Health starts from your kitchen? If you want to have a healthy body and mind you need to, for sure eat right. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get in shape or just live healthy, eating right is the first option you need to consider. The food choices that you make today will have an immediate as well as a long term impact which will help you lead a disease free life.

Like a finely-tuned car, our body needs the right fuel (food) to achieve its true potential. Without healthy eating, your body's engine will cough, splutter and eventually stall.
Healthy eating is not about strict dietary restrictions, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, improving your outlook, and stabilizing your mood.

Did you know??

99 percent of all diseases begin in the gut(Gut is the gastrointestinal tract in our body, a tube which is 15 feet long, consisting of the food pipe, stomach, intestine and anus). A healthy gut helps you to have constant energy levels and keep inflammation at bay.
According to a 2009 World Health Organization report, 80 percent of all cases of premature heart disease and Type 2 diabetes and 40 percent of all cancers can be prevented by following a healthy diet.

What happens if you don’t eat right?

Poor nutrition can contribute to stress, tiredness and our capacity to work, and over time, it can contribute to the risk of developing some illnesses and other health problems such as:

overweight or obese
high blood pressure
high cholesterol
Cancers like Colon
heart disease and stroke
type-2 diabetes
Irritable bowels syndrome like; bloating, water retention, constipation and acidity.
Chronic fatigue and other critical disease

Why many of us are not eating right?

It’s not that we do not have access to the right kind of food or cannot afford food. Many Indians are overfed but undernourished. This means that we eat plenty of food, but the food is often convenience and packaged foods that have been stripped of their nutrients. While this may help keep us full in the short term, it doesn’t provide the nutrients our body needs to stay healthy. Neglecting to include these foods in our diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Reasons for Nutritional imbalance:

Increased disposable income
Irresistible junk food outlets
Rise in nuclear family
Rise in social and business eating
Stress eating

The Food guide Pyramid

Our Efforts

in designing a customized meal plan for you is to help you eat right. We want you to change your eating habits from mindless eating to a conscious eating . Our effort is to help you make the right food choices, bring your vitals to normal if required and achieve overall physical and mental good health.

Our entire program is Scientific and Holistic and our efforts towards making your goals turn into reality will be 100% natural.

Lifestyle Assessment Program

While customizing your meal plan, it is very important to know your current Lifestyle. That is why we at apple a day put you through a quick Life Style Assessment Program. We would like to know what you do on a normal day from morning to night.

Food Recall (1 weekday and 1 weekend dietary record)

This is a simple yet important tool which will help us estimate your daily calorie intake and compare certain aspects of the diet such as food groups, types of fats, cholesterol, fibre, sugar, alcohol, and water intake with standard recommendations.

Goal Setting

We want YOU to tell us what is the Goal that you want to achieve in terms of Good Health? The best way to stay motivated is to set a realistic and time-bound goal. Setting goals that are overambitious and unreasonable will only lead to disappointments. Set a goal that you know you are capable of achieving, but which is hard enough to push you. These goals will be validated by our team of Health care Professionals.

Nutrition Consult

By assessing your Screening reports, Current Medical Condition, Body Type & Composition, Life Style Assessment, & Food Recall and considering Doctor’s Review our team of Nutritionists will give you an online consultation on what you are doing right, what you have to avoid and what needs to be done.

Customized Therapeutic, Fat Burn & Maintenance Meal Plans

Our team of nutritionist will customize your meal plan, to help you bring back your vitals to normal (if any), help you burn fat if required, if not help you maintain your health.
Yes, you can eat delicious meals and your favourite foods and still lose weight and become healthy. Our personalized plan lets you easily swap foods to suit your needs and tastes.

The roadmap to "GOOD HEALTH"

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