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Corporate India believes that providing health insurance to all its employees is one of the ways to improve productivity. However the reality is that insurance only pays hospital bills and productivity is still lost. To truly improve productivity long term good health of all employees and their family members must be ensured.

Apple A Day provides corporate wellness programs incorporating a range of tests to cater to all corporations.

Pathology: An in-depth extensive program using clinical pathology, serology, endocrinology, hematology, bio-chemistry and immunology using a state of the art laboratory with the added convenience of service at your facility..
Radiology: scanning today is an important part the diagnosis process. Services like Ecg, TMT, Echo etc.. are all available from Apple A Day as on-site only services.
Women wellness programs: women are an important component of corporate India today. To cater to them, Apple A Day has designed women specific tests in addition to other programs as on-site only services.
Pre employment checks: Apple A Day provides an in-depth evaluation of potential employees to provide a complete picture of their health status. This allows employers to take the right decisions during the recruitment process.
Comprehensive health packages based on age, risk, job profiling, and health history.
Comprehensive Packages for Diabetes, Heart disease etc.
Customized services and referral lab facilities for Insurance companies.

The roadmap to "GOOD HEALTH"

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